Optimum Sports Massage Swindon

If you have, or have had problems with:

Poor posture | Sports injuries | Sprains and strains | Poor flexibility | Muscle tension
Muscle fatigue | Backache | Headache | Stress

Then, using a variety of advanced techniques the following benefits can be found:

Improved muscle function | Improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow | Pain relief Identification of injuries | Injury rehabilitation | Improved range of movement
Relaxation of muscle tension | Improved posture
Improved power and athletic performance | Greater self-awareness

Sports and Remedial Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue in injury prevention and rehabilitation. It maintains and restores normal function to the body to keep the athlete at optimum fitness. Sports massage works at a deeper level than other forms of massage.
It is important to remember that often the site of pain is not where the problem may be. A whole body approach is needed to address other possible contributory factors to alleviate symptoms and eliminate the problem.

Debbie has recently become a practitioner in Kinesio taping to complement sports massage therapies.

Optimum Sports Massage is based in Swindon Wiltshire